How To Use Redeem Code :- Ranger RK

Yo, what’s up Rangers so today in this article we are going to demonstrate that how you can get redeem code from my youtube channel and website you have two options to collect redeem code the first one is from my youtube channel “Ranger RK” and the second one is from our redeem website. and those redeem codes are used on our website to get free rewards like UC and play store codes so rangers without wasting any single of seconds let directly jump into the article.


What Is Redeem Code

Redeem code is created by me for my subscribers who continuously watch our youtube video so as in reward I give them these redeem codes which will be used on my website to get rewards. Rewards will be UC Unknown Cash of PUBG Mobile and the UC rewards will vary from 100 to 500 that will be given in the form of google play codes. and you can collect these codes by watching our video on youtube where we randomly tell our viewers to redeem code and also at the same time these codes are present in our website you can check in the code section and when the timer ends you can redeem this code and collect your free rewards.

How Redeem Code Is Used To Get Rewards

So as I tell you early that how you can get the redeem code after getting the code you can directly go to our website from the description of the video after visiting the description you will be redirected to our website as shown above now follow these simple steps to redeem the code so let’s start.

  • Visit the website from the video description.
  • Sign in from your existing Gmail accounts.
  • After Sign in you will see three tabs “Redeem, Code, Friends”.
  • Click on the code section to crosscheck code you here in the video.
  • Now go back and click on redeem then verify human verification.
  • Then you will see the timer and a submit button followed with the box where you have to put your redeem code after ending the time enter the code and quickly submit the code if you are lucky you will be redirected to the next page and here you will get your reward.
  • “Congrats” Now you can go to play store and redeem.



So rangers I hope you get to know that how you can redeem the free codes which will be given in our video and if you won’t get the code don’t lose hope because redeem code will be given in every video so you have many times to try your luck and win the code. and don’t forget to clear your doughts in the comment section down below so rangers see you in the next article.